FG KDML Schedule

Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Registration Registration
9:00 Keynote: Carsten Binnig. Learned DBMS Components 2.0: From Workload-Driven to Zero-Shot Learning Keynote: Catarina Pinto Moreira. Towards Human-Centred AI: What Can Machines Learn from Eye-Tracking Data
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 Applications of the Graph Tukey Depth; Florian Seiffarth, Tamás Horváth and Stefan Wrobel Matching Experts to Questions: A Comparison of Recommender Systems; Robin Stenzel, Max Lübbering, Bilge Ulusay, Daniel Uedelhoven and Rafet Sifa
11:30 Graph Filtration Kernels; Till Hendrik Schulz, Pascal Welke and Stefan Wrobel Intrinsic Analysis of Learned Representations in Encoder-Decoder Architectures; Shashi Durbha, Thomas Goerttler, Eduardo Vellasques, Jan Hendrick Stockemer and Klaus Obermayer
12:00 Registration Transforming PageRank into an Infinite-Depth Graph Neural Network; Andreas Roth and Thomas Liebig Multivariate Time Series Regression on Seismic Data Using Adaptive Residual CNNs; Jurgen O.D. van den Hoogen, Stefan D. Bloemheuvel and Martin Atzmueller
Towards Informed Pre-Training for Critical Error Detection in English-German; Lisa Pucknat, Maren Pielka and Rafet Sifa
12:30 Lunch Break Coffee Break
13:00 Opening and Keynote: Andreas Hotho. Data Science in the wild – From Online Games to Bees
13:30 Ordinal Quantification through Regularization; Mirko Bunse, Alejandro Moreo, Fabrizio Sebastiani and Martin Senz
14:00 GEQCA: Generic Qualitative Constraint Acquisition; Mohamed-Bachir Belaid, Nassim Belmecheri, Arnaud Gotlieb, Nadjib Lazaar and Helge Spieker
14:30 Coffee Break Shrub Ensembles for Online Classification; Sebastian Buschjäger, Sibylle Hess and Katharina Morik
15:00 Joint Session: Coffee Break
Rhino: Efficient Management of Very Large Distributed State for Stream Processing Engines
15:30 On the Prediction Instability of Graph Neural Networks A Quantitative Human-Grounded Evaluation Process for Explainable Machine Learning; Katharina Beckh, Sebastian Müller and Stefan Rüping
16:00 Specification and Validation of Quality Criteria for Git Repositories using RDF and SHACL SancScreen: Towards a real-world dataset for evaluating explainability methods; Matthias Jakobs, Helena Kotthaus, Ines Röder and Maximilian Baritz
16:30 ASDF-Dashboard: Automated Subgroup Detection and Fairness Analysis; Jero Schäfer and Lena Wiese
Check Mate: A Sanity Check for Trustworthy AI; Sascha Mücke and Lukas Pfahler
17:00 Reception and Postersession Keynote: Zoi Kaoudi. The missing piece in ML-based query optimization
18:30 Community Meeting
19:30 Social Event: Die Insel