FGWM Schedule

Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Registration Registration
9:00 Keynote: Carsten Binnig. Learned DBMS Components 2.0: From Workload-Driven to Zero-Shot Learning Keynote: Catarina Pinto Moreira. Towards Human-Centred AI: What Can Machines Learn from Eye-Tracking Data
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 Parallel Sessions (Chair: Pascal Reuss) Parallel Sessions (Chair: Andreas Korger)
Thomas Paetow, Johannes Wichmann, Hannes Reil and Michael Leyer. Towards an Understanding of the Intention of University Members to Use Indoor Positioning Systems: A Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use Perspective Alexander Weber, Pascal Reuss, Jobst-Julius Bartels and Klaus-Dieter Althoff. Providing training plans for weight training using CBR
11:30 Konstantin Herud and Joachim Baumeister. Testing Product Configuration Knowledge Bases Declaratively Marc Krüger. An Approach to profiler detection of cyber attacks using case-based reasoning
12:00 Registration Simon Hachmeier, Robert Jäschke and Hadi Saadatdoorabi. Music Version Retrieval from YouTube: How to Formulate Effective Search Queries? Jakob Michael Schoenborn and Klaus-Dieter Althoff. Multi-agent case-based reasoning: a network intrusion detection system
12:30 Lunch Break Coffee Break
13:00 Opening and Keynote: Andreas Hotho. Data Science in the wild – From Online Games to Bees Community Meetings
13:30 Parallel Sessions (Chair: Jakob Schoenborn)
Arnab Ghosh Chowdhury and Martin Atzmueller. Towards Visual Explanations for Document Table Detection using Coarse Localization Maps
14:00 Andreas Korger and Joachim Baumeister. An Active Annotation Support System for Regulatory Documents Closing
14:30 Coffee Break Desiree Heim, Christian Jilek, Heiko Maus and Andreas Dengel. A Retrospective Context Mining Approach For Bootstrapping Personal Knowledge Assistants
15:00 Joint Session: Coffee Break
Rhino: Efficient Management of Very Large Distributed State for Stream Processing Engines
15:30 On the Prediction Instability of Graph Neural Networks Parallel Sessions (Chair: Arnab Ghosh Chowdhury)
Ömer Erduran. Machine Learning algorithms for cognitive and autonomous BDI Agents
16:00 Specification and Validation of Quality Criteria for Git Repositories using RDF and SHACL Jannis Pilgrim, Jakob Kemmler, Moritz Wassmer, Silvio Echsle and Andreas Lommatzsch. Guiding Users by Dynamically Generating Questions in a Chatbot System
16:30 Nicole Looks and Andreas Korger. A Feasibility Study for the Semantification of Cyclic Compliance Knowledge Transfer between Organizations
17:00 Reception and Postersession Keynote: Zoi Kaoudi. The missing piece in ML-based query optimization
19:30 Social Event: Die Insel