If you want to take part in the conference, please fill out the form below.

After your successful registration you will receive an email with your provided information. The conference fee will be 80 €. The fee includes participating at the social event and a shuttle service from the inner city of Hildesheim to the conference location.

Due to changes in the estimated number of participants and the pricing of the social event, we are not able to organize the social event as planned. Therefore, we will book a restaurant for Thursday evening and every participant can eat and drink on his own expense. As a consequence we reduce the conference fee back to the 50 € as originally planned. The shuttle service will be provided as planned.

You will get an email with the invoice for the conference fee from the management of the University of Hildesheim. This invoice will also contain the bank details for the conference fee. Please send the conference fee after receiving the invoice with the intended purpose also given in the invoice.