The conference will be held in presence at the Domäne Marienburg in the city of Hildesheim. The Domäne Marienburg can be found at the address Domänenstrasse 1, 31134 Hildesheim. A map of the location can be found below.

There will be a shuttle service to and from the Domäne Marienburg, please refer to the schedule.

Map of the Domäne Marienburg

● 50/402: Opening/Closing, Keynotes and Joint Sessions

● 50/202: Common Room, Poster Session, Breaks

● 51/02: Registration

● 52/101: Workshop KDML

● 2a/004: Workshop FGWM

● 27/103: Workshop FGDB

Options of Arrival

You can use our shuttle service to get to and from the conference. Please refer to the schedule for times and places.

You can also travel to the Domäne Marienburg by bus. Please note that the bus schedule is somewhat limited at the moment due to a shortage of personel. If you’re at the central trainstation (ZOB) you can use the bus line 4 towards the University and Itzum. Get out at the station „Spandauer Weg“ and walk to the Domäne. Below you can find a map with the shortest route from the bus stop.

The route from the bus station „Spandauer Weg“ to the Domäne Marienburg

Alternatively you can use the regional bus lines 34 towards Holle or 42 towards Bockenem and Wohlenhausen. In both cases get out at the station „Itzum/ Scharfe Ecke“. You can find the shortest path to the Domäne Marienburg below.

The route from the station „Itzum/ Scharfe Ecke“ to the Domäne Marienburg

Of course you can also take a taxi. You can call a local taxi service under +49 5121 55555.


The registration for the event can be done via this website. Just go to Registration and fill out the form.

Social Event

The Social Event will be held at the Restaurant „Die Insel“. We have reserved some tables at the restaurant but everyone will be paying for his own food and drink. If you want to take part in the social event, please head the Register Site for the Social Event and fill out the form. Please make an order, so that the restaurant can prepare the meals for us.

Photo: Daniel Kunzfeld